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When parents are separated or divorce, one parent or the other wishes to move out of state or out of range of the Houston area, and there is a child custody order and/or a visitation agreement in place, it is necessary to obtain court approval through a modified custody order. State child custody laws place the child's well-being at the forefront of all discussions related to child relocation / parental move away.

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  • Move away cases: Child relocation is one of the most frequently contested issues when parents are separated, divorcing or divorced. The custodial parent may want or need to move for career or family reasons. The non-custodial parent is naturally concerned about how to maintain a close tie with children if they live out of reach. The children's needs have a higher priority than parents' preferences in the eyes of the law.
  • Protect parental rights: Public policy in today's egalitarian age makes it clear that it is preferable for children of separated parents to have frequent access to both parents. Custodial or non-custodial, parents are expected to be involved in raising their children: to see them grow up, to go to their school events, to involve them in church or community activities, and ideally, to keep them connected with both sides of their extended families. Parents are expected to provide financial support as well as practical support necessary for the healthy upbringing of children.

Whether you are the parent who wishes to move your child with you out of the area of the other parent, or the parent who will lose out on frequent contact with your child if the other parent takes him or her far away, you are advised to contact a knowledgeable, empathetic and experienced child custody lawyer. Sugar Land family law attorney Richard T. Bell is well qualified to explain how Texas child custody laws apply to your situation.

Family law mediation may be the most effective way to resolve a dispute when you or your ex-spouse or partner wishes to relocate a child.

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