Grandparents' Rights

Custody, Visitation, Guardianship

In cases where both parents of a child are unfit, grandparents may have a compelling case to receive custody. If your grandchildren have resided with you for six months or more, you may have acquired standing which gives you the right to file a custody action.

On the other hand, if your child is now divorced or separated and is not the custodial parent of your grandchildren, you may not wish to pursue custody of them, but simply want to assert your rights as grandparents to have frequent contact with them through visitation. In this case, you may need to seek access to your grandchildren through your child's parental rights to shared custody or visitation.

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Please note that if your son or daughter is overseas in the military, the laws of Texas now allow you to petition the court to allow your child's custody and visitation rights to be allotted to you while your child is unavailable to parent your grandchildren.

The family law firm of Richard T. Bell & Associates was founded with the intention of applying a positive approach to family law matters. Assertion of grandparents' rights may take various legal forms, but if you believe you deserve more contact with your grandchildren, what matters most is for you to have the opportunity to love and nurture them. Texas family laws may offer you the grand parenting time that you are seeking.

Your Sugar Land family law attorney can explain Texas child custody law and how it might apply to grandparents and grandchildren in your family. Contact the law firm to schedule a consultation regarding guardianships, military parental rights or general grandparents' rights with Attorney Richard T. Bell.