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Clients of the family law firm of Richard T. Bell & Associates, P.C., often ask for legal advice and representation in paternity matters for one of the following reasons:

  • An expectant mother or a mother of a child already born wants to pursue child support from the purported father.
  • A man has been named in a paternity action as the purported father and wishes to contest the matter by way of a DNA test.
  • A father wants to secure custody and/or visitation rights when a child of his has not yet been legally identified as such.
  • A husband suspects (or knows, if he and his wife have been separated long enough) that his wife's child is not his, and wishes for help in determining his responsibility to that child if his suspicions prove to be correct.

Texas child relocation lawyer Richard T. Bell can help you understand the law with regard to determination of paternity and how it may impact child custody, child visitation rights and child support. If you are separated or divorced from your child's other parent, contact the law firm by phone or e-mail.

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Today's separated parents have a great advantage over separated parents in previous generations who did not have DNA testing available to confirm paternity. A knowledgeable family lawyer can help ensure that you make a timely response to a paternity action — or help you obtain proof of your father's paternity if a father is uncooperative.

Sugar Land family law attorney Richard T. Bell is prepared to explain Texas child custody law and how it might apply to your situation. Contact the law firm to schedule a consultation regarding paternity actions in Fort Bend or Fort Harris with Attorney Richard T. Bell.