Child Custody Lawyer

The most important consideration during family law transitions involves children. Working toward their emotional and financial health is of paramount importance. Fortunately, custody and support plans can be established to preserve this need. If you are working through any custody or support issue, it is important to reach out to the most committed and knowledgeable advocate you can find.

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Sugar Land Child Custody Lawyer

Richard T. Bell is prepared to do everything possible to help you work toward a custody and support plan that is ideally tailored to your family, children and unique circumstances. Mr. Bell believes that working as amicably as possible builds credibility, lessens animosity and leads to solutions in the best interests of children. That said, if a settlement cannot be reached through alternative dispute resolution methods, he is ready to bring his experience and comprehensive knowledge to court in pursuit of your interests.

What are the common child custody and support issues? As you go through the process, you may find that they include the following:

With more than 15 years of experience, attorney Bell has a deep appreciation for the sensitivity of these cases. By fusing his knowledge with an unyielding commitment, he has helped hundreds of clients reach ideal resolutions in these family law matters. He and our team are ready to bring this approach to work on your case, regardless of complexity.

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Written by the Office of Richard T. Bell