Texas Attorney Helping Clients End Marriages Based on Undisclosed Conditions

When people hear the term "annulment," they may only think of marriages that last a limited number of hours. In reality, the state of Texas permits annulments in a variety of circumstances. However, getting the courts to agree that your marriage should be annulled rather than resolved through the divorce process often requires the services of an experienced and aggressive attorney.

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At Richard T. Bell & Associates, in Sugar Land, Texas, we recognize some marriages are built on a rocky foundation from the start. Undisclosed issues and certain conditions that come out after a couple has already wed may be grounds for annulment. Family law attorney Richard T. Bell has nearly 15 years of experience handling these complex matters.

Securing an Annulment in the State of Texas

Texas residents can seek an annulment in the following circumstances:

  • Marriages where one spouse is under the age of 14
  • One or more persons were under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the marriage proceeding
  • Fraud, duress or force was involved
  • One or more persons are considered mentally incompetent or suffer from insanity
  • One party concealed the fact he or she had been divorced in the last 30 days
  • A couple marrying within 72 hours of obtaining a marriage license
  • Undisclosed impotency
  • Adultery

Family law attorney Richard T. Bell will explain Texas annulment laws and how they apply to your situation. Contact our law firm to schedule a consultation to discuss ending your marriage and moving forward with your life.

Written by the Office of Richard T. Bell