Divorce Mediation

Texas Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Is there a better way to get a divorce? Does the matter have to go to court? By using collaborative law, the parties may be able to work out their differences and come to an agreement. Mediation is another tool that can be used to settle a matter without the delays and expense of a court process.

A Positive Approach to Divorce
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Divorce doesn't have to be expensive or contentious. Many couples try mediation or collaborative law in order to bypass a lengthy process and move on with their post-divorce lives. Talk to Sugar Land collaborative divorce attorney Richard T. Bell about these alternatives to divorce court proceedings.

Collaborative Law: In the collaborative law process, both spouses and their attorneys meet and try to work out a divorce agreement. There may be several meetings to assure that all topics are given the attention they need. It is especially useful when the divorce involves a large marital estate with many details to be sorted through. It gives both parties more control of the process and results — and most find it far more satisfying than leaving all decisions to a judge. What happens if you still cannot agree? You have the option of going to litigation, but not with the lawyer who represented you in the collaborative process.

Mediation: Mediation is usually a one-time process. Both sides are represented by a lawyer. A mediator (who doesn't represent either side) goes back and forth between the parties. If the parties can come to an agreement, the agreement is drafted and signed before the parties leave. If the parties cannot agree, the matter may have to go to trial. Divorce lawyer Richard T. Bell can represent you in mediation and, if necessary, in litigation.

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