Military Divorce

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Almost by definition, military members and their loved ones live with uncertainty about the future and anxiety over the unknown. These kinds of worries can greatly strain a marriage and a family. Military divorce is a common occurrence, and they must be handled by a lawyer with knowledge of the differences between military divorce and conventional divorce.

At Richard T. Bell & Associates, P.C., we proudly represent both service members and spouses of service members in divorce proceedings. Sugar Land military divorce lawyer Richard T. Bell has nearly 15 years experience helping servicemen and women through difficult family law issues.

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Stafford Military Pension Division Lawyer

Military divorce cases involve a number of issues that are specifically affected by a spouse's status as a member of the armed service. Some of the issues that our Sugar Land military divorce lawyer will help you work through include:

  • Jurisdiction: A common issue in military divorce is whether either spouse is connected enough to the place where the divorce papers are filed for a court to have the power to end their marriage. For civilian divorces, one spouse must have lived in Texas for at least six months before filing for divorce, but the rules for military divorce can be considerably different.
  • Military pensions and retirement benefits: There are very specific laws that dictate how to divide military benefits as part of the property division process. The amount that the nonmilitary spouse can receive is greatly influenced by the length of the marriage and length of military service. A Stafford military pension division attorney can help you work through difficult pension questions.
  • Child support: The amount of child support paid by a parent in Texas is based in large part on income. When a military member is in combat service or receives other pay enhancements, child support payments increase dramatically. A Sugar Land military divorce lawyer can show the judge that your payment amount should not be based on these types of pay fluctuations.
  • Visitation: It can be difficult for active duty service members to see their children regularly. Texas law allows for some flexibility in adjusting parenting schedules to accommodate parents who are serving.

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If you, your spouse or both of you are in the military and are contemplating divorce, you should seek the guidance of an experienced Sugar Land military divorce lawyer. At Richard T. Bell & Associates, you will find that experience. To schedule a meeting, call 832-500-7568 or contact us online.