Divorce In Fort Bend County

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If you are planning to file for divorce in Fort Bend County, Texas, you are well advised to seek the guidance and assistance of an attorney with a great deal of experience in Fort Bend family court. Richard T. Bell is a Fort Bend County divorce lawyer with more than a decade's experience handling divorce, paternity actions, child custody disputes and protective orders through Fort Bend courts. Contact Richard T. Bell & Associates, P.C., to schedule a consultation with a Fort Bend County family law attorney.

Divorce procedures in Fort Bend County are similar to those in Harris County. Some people find Fort Bend County to be quicker in processing and finalizing divorce, perhaps because Fort Bend has less of a tendency to become backlogged.

Local rules in Fort Bend County are very similar to those in Harris County with regard to fundamental requirements for filing for divorce:

  • Parties to the divorce must provide three pay stubs and tax returns for the past two years to verify income.
  • Parents of minor children must attend parenting classes before a divorce involving a child custody order can proceed.
  • In the event that the other parent will not cooperate in fulfilling the parenting class requirement, judges will usually allow the divorce to proceed nonetheless.

Fort Bend County, Texas, divorce lawyer Richard T. Bell can help you understand the laws and procedures that you will need to know about in order to successful complete a divorce in county family courts. Contact the law firm by phone or e-mail.

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The principal location of Fort Bend County courts is 401 Jackson, Richmond, Texas, 77469. Divorce cases are randomly assigned to one of two family courts: the 387th District Court or the 328th District Court.

Sugar Land family law attorney Richard T. Bell is available to explain divorce procedures in Fort Bend County, Texas, and how they might apply to your situation. Contact the law firm to schedule a consultation.