Find the best attorney for your divorce matter

If you are interested in securing a solid divorce or family law attorney, you must know exactly what to look for in a professional. There are some characteristics associated with solid legal representation, which are nonexistent in those attorneys with mediocre practicing skills. Before hiring a divorce lawyer, you should ensure that you know what makes a representative superior. With this information, you will be on your way to retaining a strong advocate.

A good attorney, in general

From the legal perspective, a few qualities are associated with a thorough and helpful attorney. First, it is especially crucial that you hire someone that you can trust. You have to feel secure with the professional representing you. If you are not confident in his or her abilities, the professional is not right for you.

You must trust that your attorney is providing high-quality legal assistance. This type of person will provide a quick response time to case concerns and answer any questions in an expedited manner. This professional will also resolve inquiries in plan in English - a language that you can comprehend. If the person is utilizing big terms or confusing phrases, he or she may not be fit for you.

Second, a successful family law attorney will also give you divorce options. He or she will never tell you what to do, as there is never one right answer. In the end, the lawyer should offer solutions that meet your particular needs. This often means that litigation and expenses will be kept to a low.

From the eyes of most attorneys, these characteristics are common to excellent lawyers in the community. However, a few additional attributes are also universal to successful family law advocates. What makes not just a good, but also a superior divorce or family law attorney?

Solid characteristics of a reliable legal advocate

Honest and candid: Divorce is very difficult, and it is rare for the process to be totally void of stress. For this reason, it is important to have a legal professional that honors integrity and keeps you up to date with the process - through the thick and the thin. Honesty and integrity means being straightforward. While it may be easier to reassure clients that everything is okay, the dissolution process may reveal problems and obstacles. The good news is that a candid attorney can work with you to address and resolve such issues.

It is better to have frank discussions and realistic expectations of the matter instead of baseless promises. In the end, your best interests should be considered. A dishonest attorney will use power to control your decision for his or her own benefit. Without a sincere professional, it will be hard for your case to prosper.

A good communicator: It is also imperative to have a lawyer that is good with words. If an attorney is not a strong orator and writer, this will make him or her appear weak in front of the judge. An excellent lawyer is clear, articulate and persuasive.

It helps to secure a professional that can articulate your needs. If the attorney cannot communicate your desires to the court sufficiently, your case will not be heard. Therefore, be certain that your attorney has a good grasp of your position. If you feel that he or she is missing the mark, the lawyer is probably not good enough.

Additionally, it helps to avoid lawyers that are simply actors. Instead, look for a professional who can think on his or her feet and thoroughly reason through difficult issues. This type of person will not follow a strict formula or script, but instead, genuinely address issues and be empathetic to your unique situation.

Sensible: Moreover, common sense can be very important in the law. Many professionals overlook important issues because they are too technical and alienate basic human nature. While a good lawyer will have a superior command of the law, he or she will not ignore the fact that family law decisions are not black and white.

When it comes to divorce proceedings, a good attorney will consider all parties - including children and other involved family members. It is not about winning or losing. So many other factors should be contemplated in the process. For example, a good professional will not only look at your position, but also be cognizant of your spouse's situation and the judge's position, as well. If the attorney is blind to other parties' positions, he or she will ignore important issues, which can be critical in court.

Many attorneys are competitive in nature. They can be very driven. While this is a good thing, aim to retain a lawyer that is not too caught up with "winning." Look for someone that keeps his or her ego controlled and is rational in assessing and evaluating your case. The "win" should be for you - not your lawyer. The professional should be mature in evaluating your matter and reflect on issues before taking abrupt action.

Strong: While you want someone who can identify key issues and be rational about all parties' perspectives, it is also important to have a powerful advocate. The attorney should be fair, but also tough. If you have a lawyer that is timid in negotiations, this could compromise your matter.

A strong advocate will feel comfortable relaying your position (no matter how difficult or complex). The person should feel comfortable challenging other parties and conveying points to the court. Yet, you do not want a lawyer with a belligerent front. Your attorney should be a strong advocate, without being unreasonable.

Creative: At the end of the day, a good lawyer will be creative. Again, he or she will not opt for the easy and formulaic resolution. A solid professional is not molding facts to fit a prosperous end. Instead, a solid attorney will take your personal case - whatever the facts may be - and transform them into a realistic and strong outcome. This requires a great deal of creativity and ingenuity.

An attorney must be resolution-oriented with goals that alleviate the stress of a divorce. For example, a professional will attempt to reduce time and money involved without compromising the case. Any negotiations with opposing parties will be reasonable. Moreover, an innovative lawyer will be good at coming up with alternatives and varied options.

Ultimately, a number of other factors can make an attorney successful. You may instinctively know that a lawyer with experience is better than an attorney that has never stepped foot in a courtroom. Nevertheless, honesty, communication, common sense, strength and innovativeness lead many knowledgeable attorneys to solid victories in the family law courtroom. After all, such cases concern your life, and sometimes your children's future. For this reason, it is often better to secure someone with the abovementioned characteristics - regardless of reputation and cost.

If you would like to learn more about your divorce matter, begin your selection process right away. It may take a few preliminary interviews before you secure the right attorney for your situation. To uncover more information about your matter and any applicable rights, contact a local family law attorney in your area. With a little effort, you can find the perfect advocate for your future.

Written by the Office of Richard T. Bell