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When there is a history of domestic violence in a marriage or family, and there is likelihood of its happening in the future, a protective order is an important first step in a divorce. A restraining order may also be advisable in cases of child custody disputes and domestic partner conflicts.

A protective order tells a spouse or significant other to stay a certain distance away from the protected wife, husband, ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. This means that with a protective order in place, your husband, wife or former love interest can not harass you or stalk you at home, at work, at school or in public. The person named in the restraining order may lose his or her concealed handgun license. He or she may be required to attend anger management counseling.

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Whether you are the victim of domestic violence or have been named in a protective order, Attorney Bell is available to inform you of your legal rights and represent you as necessary. He can help you arrange to stay in a battered women's shelter if necessary, and arrange for supervised visitation with children through a SAFE program.

Protective orders may remain in effect for two years.

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