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When clients first come to the Richard T. Bell & Associates law firm, they are usually concerned with difficult family law matters. A client may be facing a divorce and have questions about complex financial matters. Another client may be concerned about how to promote children's best interests when parents are separated, divorcing, divorced or never married.

Fort Bend County divorce attorney Richard Bell is prepared to explain how Texas divorce law affects you in terms of asset division, debt allocation, child custody, child support and spousal support. If you are concerned about your financial future and your parental rights after a divorce, contact our family law firm for an appointment.

If you or your spouse owns a business and you face a marital breakup, contact marital property division lawyer Richard T. Bell.

Our Sugar Land law firm also helps clients with complex areas of ending a marriage, including child visitation rights and agreements, enforcement of family law orders, characterization of assets, cases where disproportionate shares in the marital estate are likely, divorces involving business assets, high-asset divorce, marital fraud and protective orders, for example. We advise parents, both mothers and fathers, on how to avoid making mistakes that can affect custody orders. We truly understand what divorce means to a father or a mother, and we have much useful advice to apply to your family law case.

Your estate plan may also be affected by family law determinations. We can assist with certain wills and probate matters that arise as a result.

Does your ex want to move away with your child? Are you concerned about division of debt in divorce? Whatever family law matter brings you to us, our staff and attorneys will do what they can to make you feel comfortable and at home. Your job is to watch out for your family and your assets. Our job is to guide and facilitate your pursuit of the most favorable outcome attainable in your Texas marital dissolution, child custody dispute or family law court order enforcement matter.

A Positive Approach To Legal Family Law Matters
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When family law attorney Richard T. Bell started his Sugar Land legal practice more than 15 years ago, he made a commitment to take a positive approach with his clients, helping them get through a difficult time in their lives. At Richard T. Bell & Associates, we tackle today's problems aggressively and effectively — always with a focus on what's best for your family's future.

Richard T. Bell has served as the Fort Bend County Bar Association president, received the Best Family Law Attorney in Fort Bend County award on multiple occasions and has taught legal classes in family law. He is also active in Fort Bend County civic and church organizations. You can be reassured that Mr. Bell sees the big picture and can help you get through your family law matter with a positive framework. Contact the law firm by phone or email.

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