High-Asset Divorce

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High-asset divorces present special challenges and opportunities in representation of an individual preparing for, or undergoing, marital dissolution proceedings. Ranches, stocks and stock options, businesses, out-of-state property and intangibles such as personal good will in the business world are all worthy of note when premarital and marital property are being characterized and valuated.

A Positive Approach To High-Asset Divorce
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Every divorce lawyer in Texas knows the basics of community property laws, valuation of marital assets and property division in divorce. Attorney Richard Bell, however, stands out in terms of his knowledge and experience handling high-asset divorces — particularly when discovery of hidden marital assets may be essential — and in terms of his ability to represent his client's best interests in a high-asset divorce.

As a Texas divorce lawyer with more than 15 years of experience, Richard T. Bell can help you understand the law with regard to property division and your high-asset divorce. There may be a strong case to be made for the awarding of a disproportionate share in the marital estate because of special factors such as fault in divorce (adultery, for example) or marital fraud (such as hiding or squandering of marital assets by your spouse).

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Your Sugar Land family law attorney can explain Texas community property law and how it might apply to your high net worth divorce. Contact the law firm to schedule a consultation with attorney Richard T. Bell regarding corporate records and high-asset divorce.

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