Enforcement of Family Law Orders

Enforcement of Support and Custody Orders

A divorce can be difficult enough to settle and finalize. After court orders are issued, that does not necessarily mean the challenges are over. It is not uncommon for ex-spouses to confront a situation where the other party fails to honor the obligations spelled out in the divorce decree. How can the wronged party enforce the order without falling into the trap of lengthy litigation all over again? An experienced family law attorney is well prepared to assist you when your former wife or husband is not complying with a court order after a divorce.

Enforcement of family law orders becomes an issue in cases such as the following:

  • A custodial mother or father neglects to allow for shared child custody or visitation as agreed upon or decreed by the court in the divorce
  • A paying spouse or parent stops paying child support or spousal support in conformance with the court orders that were part of the divorce decree
  • A spouse fails to deliver or transfer property that was part of the property division settlement agreement or court order in a divorce

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