Modification Of Child Custody Agreements

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After a divorce is finalized, circumstances may change for one or both parents, or for the children. When a change in custody or a change in the visitation schedule is in the best interest of your children, an experienced Sugar Land child custody modification lawyer can help you modify your original arrangement.

Although parents sometimes make informal agreements with each other about modifying family law orders, these changes will not be recognized by a court. That means if the informal change results in a dispute and the parents have to return to court, the judge will not enforce the new agreement.

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Changes To Child Custody Agreements In Texas

There are number of factors that Texas courts consider when deciding on child custody modification issues. At all times, the best interests of the children are the most important concern. Some of the grounds for modifying a custody order are:

  • Parental relocation: When the custodial parent wishes to move to another state or to a distant location in the same state, a modification may be appropriate. Here the main concern is whether the children will be able to have an adequate relationship with the noncustodial parent.
  • Home environment: If a parent begins using drugs or alcohol, or is abusing the children, custody may be changed.
  • Children's wishes: If, when the children reach a certain age, they want to spend more time with the other parent, it may be possible to modify the custody arrangement.

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