Modification Of Family Law Orders

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As people adjust to their lives after a divorce, circumstances change. For example, a custodial parent wants to move across the state. There needs to be an increase or decrease in child support. The visitation plan needs to be changed. Then it is time to change the spousal support order.

At Richard T. Bell & Associates, P.C., we help clients alter their divorce-related agreements to account for changed circumstances. Sugar Land divorce decree modification lawyer Richard T. Bell works closely with each client to build a strong case for modification.

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Modifying Family Law Orders in Texas

A court's orders can only be changed by the court. Sugar Land divorce decree modification lawyer Richard T. Bell can help you file a petition for modification of the following types of family law orders:

  • Child support: Child support payments often need to be modified. The paying parent may have a significant increase or decrease in income. A child may develop a disability that requires more support. If you need to modify the court's child support order for any reason, we make sure it is done legally to avoid future complications.
  • Child custody : Perhaps the custodial parent wants to move away, or the environment at the custodial parent's house has become abusive. There are many reasons to modify custody arrangements, and we are here to help.
  • Visitation agreements: Generally, it is in the child's best interest to have continuous, frequent contact with both parents. If there is a reason to modify the visitation orders, talk to our law firm.
  • Geographic restriction: If there is a geographic restriction in your divorce judgment (and that is generally the case in Fort Bend County), a custodial parent cannot move the children out of the area without the court's approval. If you are seeking a modification or disputing a modification, call our post-judgment modification law firm.
  • Spousal support: When the need for spousal maintenance (alimony) changes or when the ability to pay changes, talk to our spousal support attorney about changing the court's order.

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At Richard T. Bell & Associates, we know that life is not static. Things change, and your divorce-related agreements need to accommodate those changes. To discuss your situation, call 832-500-7568 or contact our firm online.