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When one spouse has fewer economic resources than the other, the court may order temporary spousal support during the divorce process. After the divorce, depending on a number of factors, there could be an agreement or judgment for spousal maintenance. Texas spousal maintenance lawyer Richard T. Bell can help you understand the law with regard to spousal maintenance (also called alimony).

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When a stay-at-home parent or disabled spouse is facing divorce, financial security can be at risk. Our spousal support law firm can help you understand the guidelines the court will consider in ordering temporary support or post-divorce spousal maintenance.

Temporary spousal support: When a divorce involves a financially dependent spouse, that spouse can ask for a temporary support hearing at the time the divorce is filed. While the divorce is pending and agreements are being worked out, temporary support can protect the assets and credit of both spouses.

Spousal maintenance: In some situations, one spouse may be awarded spousal maintenance (alimony) for a specific period of time or for life. The court will consider a number of factors. Is domestic violence involved in the divorce? Is one spouse disabled? Was the couple married 10 or more years and is there a need by one spouse and the ability to pay by the other spouse? Your Sugar Land divorce lawyer can explain Texas spousal maintenance (alimony) law and how it might apply to your situation.

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