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Property division is often one of the most contentious issues in a divorce. The stakes are particularly high if one or both spouses have lucrative investments or a high value retirement account. Although being concerned with immediate financial matters, such as who gets the house, is important during the divorce process, failing to consider long-term financial matters can be of great detriment.

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At Richard T. Bell & Associates, in Sugar Land, Texas, we help divorce clients carefully analyze their future financial circumstances. If desired, attorney Richard T. Bell will work with financial experts to determine the exact value of 401k(s), stocks, military pensions and other significant investments. He is committed to securing a fair property division agreement.

Working to Secure Your Financial Future

There is no exact formula for determining property division in a divorce. Shares of 401k(s), Roth IRAs and other valuable finances vary depending upon the length of the marriage, the former spouse's assets and other factors. In some cases, federal laws and individual pensions may influence the amount the former spouse is eligible to receive.

Your attorney's ability to construct strong and persuasive arguments is of great importance when it comes to dividing investments and retirement accounts. Family law attorney Richard T. Bell relies on his in-depth legal knowledge and extensive trial experience to design a strategy aimed at meeting your property division goals.

At Richard T. Bell & Associates, we frequently call upon valuation and finance experts to help determine the value of your marital investments. We are dedicated to helping you work toward a property division agreement that secures your financial future. Contact our firm to schedule a consultation.