Marital Fraud

Hidden Assets • Wasted Family Estate

A distinguishing characteristic of a highly experienced divorce lawyer is his ability to identify and interpret nuances such as business valuation and marital fraud that may figure into determining an accurate net worth of each spouse.

A husband or wife who has hidden assets by transferring funds to a brother or sister, made investments abroad that prove difficult to trace, doctored business or corporate records so as to funnel money away from the marital estate or squandered inordinate amounts of cash on gambling, illegal drugs or philandering adulterous relationships may be said to have committed marital fraud.

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Texas child relocation lawyer Richard T. Bell is well qualified to help divorcing wives or husbands understand the law with regard to characterization of assets in divorce and identify marital fraud where it has occurred. If your spouse has committed marital fraud, you may rightfully demand reimbursement of your share of the wasted family estate in the asset division phase of your Texas divorce. Contact Richard T. Bell by phone or e-mail.

Sugar Land family law attorney Richard Bell is experienced and well able to explain Texas community property laws and how they might apply to property division in your divorce when your spouse has wasted large portions of the family estate. Contact the law firm to schedule a consultation regarding marital fraud with Attorney Richard T. Bell.