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Can a divorced Texas parent move their child out of state?

Many divorced parents in the Sugar Land area may have the opportunity to move out of state for some reason. For most people moving isn't an issue, but if the person is divorced and wants to move their children out of state with them there can be problems. A child custody agreement often determines whether a parent can move. So, can a divorced parent move with their children out of state?

How can a child custody agreement be changed in Texas?

Parents who have gone through a divorce in the Sugar Land area know how difficult all the different aspects of a divorce can be. When children are involved in a divorce agreement often times the agreement has been crafted in the best interests of the child -- at the moment the agreement was made. Child custody matters can change throughout the life of a child -- so if an agreement no longer seems to be in the child's best interest how can it be changed?

Have you been affected by an international abduction?

Family matters can often be complicated for Sugar Land residents. For families who are in the midst of a divorce, custody disputes are often a common situation. Emotions during a break-up are high, and not all parents have the best interests of the child in mind. Occasionally an international abduction occurs when one parent takes the child from the custodial parent without permission and removes them from the country.

Many Texas kids not getting the support they are entitled to

Many Sugar Land area kids are living in alternative arrangements. These arrangements can include living with relatives other than their parents. Kids often are placed with grandparents, aunt and uncles and so on when their parents are going through a divorce, custody dispute, prison or other circumstances. Child custody arrangements can vary greatly from family to family and many times require the assistance of an attorney.

Surviving the holidays and preparing for the New Year

The holiday season can be especially hard for those in the Sugar Land area who are going through a divorce. There are certain things that a person can do to ease the holiday stress surrounding a divorce and child custody.

Are you in need of a family law attorney?

Many people in the Sugar Land area are going through a divorce or have gone through a divorce. The legal needs of these people can vary greatly from person to person. Having an attorney on your side can make a huge difference.

Taming the single parent 'stress demons'

Being a single parent can be a uniquely rewarding and a uniquely stressful experience. No matter how your child custody arrangements have been constructed, you are challenged with parenting your child in ways that are different than you would if your child’s other parent had remained your romantic partner. You are tasked with ensuring that you serve your child’s best interests, even when doing so is logistically difficult and even when your efforts are impeded by your child’s other parent.

Why staying together for your kids may not be the best choice

Many unhappily married couples opt to remain together for the sake of their children. This is an understandable and legitimate choice. However, it is not always the healthiest choice, either for the spouses or the children involved. If you are questioning whether you and your spouse should remain together for the sake of your child, you may want to think about whether this arrangement is indeed the healthiest option for your family uniquely.

One of the hardest things about being a child of divorced parents

If you have divorced your child’s other parent, you and your child have almost certainly gone through many adjustments in the wake of your divorce process. Many of these adjustments have likely been beneficial for one or both of you. But no matter how successful you have been at transitioning your household run by two parents to your home run by you alone, you and your child likely continue to experience some challenges associated with the effects of your divorce.