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Child support and family violence

Many families in Texas are affected by family violence. Victims of family violence can be from any walk of life, any race, any neighborhood. When children are involved in a relationship it is important that the victim ensure everyone's safety. Most single parents require child support in order to be able to afford their rent, food, health care, etc. When family violence is part of a relationship it can be hard to pursue child support.

Combat vets more at risk of domestic abuse

The Sugar Land area has many veterans as residents. The population is proud of its veterans and the service they have provided to the U.S. Unfortunately, the situations that many combat vets have experienced can lead to a higher risk of domestic violence and other family issues.

Dallas shooter had history of family violence

Sugar Land area residents who have been the victim of domestic violence know how scary the situation can be. Family violence can occur in any house, regardless of income, race or neighborhood. A recent crime in Dallas was committed by a person who had a history of family violence.

Texas Legislature advancing bills concerning domestic violence

Sugar Land area residents who have been the victims of domestic violence know how traumatizing the situation can be for themselves and their children. They can often feel scared and alone and unsure of what to do. There is help out there for victims to make sure they have a safe environment and their abuser is held accountable.

Steps to take prior to leaving an abusive situation

Domestic violence affects thousands of Sugar Land area residents each year. Family violence can happen to anyone regardless of wealth, race or location. Often the victim of domestic violence knows that the abuse is wrong, but is scared to leave the situation for many reasons. For those who are facing domestic abuse there are some things they should do before they leave.

Financial abuse is a form of domestic abuse

Family violence is a serious problem in many Texas families. When most people think of domestic abuse they think of physical abuse against a spouse or children. But many times, financial abuse is also prevalent in a domestic violence relationship.

Why doesn't a victim of domestic violence leave their abuser?

Family violence in Texas and across the US is a major problem. Domestic violence can affect any family and can result in physical injuries, mental trauma and a broken-up family. Children also can suffer greatly when there is violence in the home. So why do those who are victims of domestic abuse stay in their situation?

Law enforcement as a partner in fighting TX domestic violence

As many law enforcement agents will say, family violence is one of the top calls they respond to each day in the Sugar Land area. Domestic violence can happen to anyone regardless of race, socioeconomic status, age or where you live.

How can a permanent protective order help your situation?

Family violence in Texas is a problem that is faced by many families. Sugar Land area residents who are affected by domestic violence can feel scared and alone. Family violence can occur in any household regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or location. One way to protect a victim from their abuser is with a permanent protective order. So what is a permanent protective order and how can it help?

The prevalence of domestic violence in Texas

Domestic violence is a situation that has the ability to affect all women in the United States regardless of race, socioeconomic status, and education level. Family violence does not discriminate and victims often feel shame and guilt and often keep it hidden. This violence is not okay and can hurt relationships and children.