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Dealing with your house during divorce

If you are a homeowner who has recently decided to divorce, you likely have concerns about how your house will be able to be divided equitably in your divorce settlement. Trying to determine how to handle a house as a matter of property division can be a trying process. Ultimately, an attorney experienced in family law should be able to guide you according to your unique circumstances. However, there are a few considerations you should keep in mind when you are personally questioning how to handle your house as an asset which will ultimately be affected by your divorce.

First, consider the fact that your divorce settlement should be structured in such a way that you are able to thrive financially not simply in the short-term but in the long-term as well. It may feel like a windfall when your spouse agrees to “let” you have the house, but a house’s long-term upkeep costs, insurance costs and taxes could leave you worse-off financially in the end than you would be if you had chosen to deal with the house in some other way.

Co-parenting etiquette 'Cliffsnotes'

Did you ever promise yourself that you would read your English homework in the morning only to oversleep? Did you ever borrow a friend’s Cliffsnotes in order to get a better sense of what occurs in the pages you had no time to read? Now that you are an adult, you probably have few occasions to read CliffsNotes. However, there are aspects of your life that could almost certainly benefit from a study-sheet of sorts.

For example, if you and your child’s other parent are newly separated or divorced, you may feel that you are trying to navigate your new child custody arrangements with very little sense of how you should proceed. Of course, you want to be a good parent to your child and ensure that his or her needs are met. But what this arrangement looks like practically may still seem like a mystery. Thankfully, referring consistently to a few specific tips (which you can write on a note card, scribble on a cheat-sheet or just tuck away in the back of your mind) can help you to find your way.

Putting your parents' divorce in perspective

After stumbling across the title of this blog post, you almost certainly chose to read it because your parents are divorced or are currently divorcing. You may be struggling with a myriad of negative, confusing and/or conflicting emotions at this point. That is a completely normal reaction to your situation. However, it is possible with time and some mental processing to gain greater perspective on your parents’ divorce, regardless of how your child custody arrangements have been constructed on your behalf.

It is worth noting that statistically, you have been given a greater opportunity at growing up in a healthy way with two divorced parents than you would if your parents remained together and were chronically unhappy and tense. The reorganization of your family structure can be an unquestionably trying event. However, you and both of your parents now have the opportunity to move forward in healthy ways that might have been impossible to embrace under previous tensions.

Understanding the warning signs of digital domestic abuse

While domestic violence is an issue that few are comfortable discussing openly, it is also one that, if present, colors every aspect of a family dynamic. It can also significantly impact the outcome of divorce and child custody proceedings.

Although domestic abuse often includes physical violence, this is not true in every case. In fact, this misconception can lead some victims to believe that they are not actually being abused by their spouse. One form of abuse that experts are growing concerned about is commonly referred to as digital domestic abuse. It involves the use of technology and social media to exert control over a spouse or partner.

Unwed status doesn't make a dad a deadbeat

Across the nation, including in Texas, a group of fathers are standing up to fight for their rights. It is a group of rights that they say that they say they shouldn’t have to battle for, but they feel as though social norms and stereotypes have made equality in family courts a little bit blurry.

The civil liberties issue of father’s rights centers around child custody and support orders, but it isn’t about taking over. Dads across the nation are simply asking for truly equal consideration in court, something that they feel they don’t always get.

Documentary moviemaker's divorce involves complex assets

If you and your spouse have accumulated assets over the course of your marriage in Texas, and if you're planning to divorce, and if you don't know exactly how your property will be divided, then you'll need someone on your side with knowledge of our state's community property laws. Many complex divorces involve the division of business assets, real estate, retirement accounts, bank accounts and property such as boats and cars. To reach a fair settlement, it is a good idea to have an attorney evaluate your property and negotiate for a favorable outcome.

Readers in Sugar Land may have seen news that moviemaker Michael Moore and his wife Kathleen Glynn are getting divorced. Whether or not you're a fan of Moore's movies, his divorce offers some good examples of the kinds of property division concerns that crop up in many Texas divorces. For example, the divorce will involve the real estate and assets acquired through the spouses' shared business endeavors.

Does Texas divorce law need to make room for Bitcoins?

If an artist were asked to paint a picture of his or her idea of the perfect Sugar Land family, the artist may start drawing the traditional depiction of a nuclear family. This might include a father, mother, two children and the family pet. There may be a white picket fence around the perfectly manicured lawn, courtesy of the husband, and an apple pie cooling in the window, courtesy of the wife.

This picture certainly doesn’t depict the reality of how diverse families are today, but the idea that some chores are relegated to each spouse isn’t far off the truth. In a lot of families only one spouse takes care of the finances. Maybe they are better at it, maybe it is easier to keep things organized this way or maybe it is a product of tradition. Whatever the reason, the truth is that it does leave open a larger opportunity to hide assets in the event of a divorce.

Ruling could grant sperm donors child custody rights

The decision to help an individual conceive a child through artificial insemination is truly a gift beyond measure. Many Texas residents pursue this method of conception, for a variety of reasons. Those who provide this invaluable service have enjoyed a high degree of assurance that their obligations toward the family that they assist terminates after the artificial insemination process is complete. However, a recent child custody ruling may change that fact, and could open the door to a number of legal challenges surrounding the concept of parenthood.

The case centers on actor Jason Patric and his struggle to gain access to his son. The child was conceived by way of artificial insemination; the mother is a former girlfriend of Patric’s. Although the two were not a couple at the time of conception, Patric remained involved in the lives of both mother and child until the mother ended all contact. That prompted Patric to begin a child custody proceeding.

$4.5 billion awarded in landmark divorce settlement

If ever there was a high-asset divorce, it was this one. A recent divorce settlement awarded the wife in a high-powered international couple approximately $4.5 billion and several properties, with one grouping of real estate worth $149 million in Gstaad, Switzerland. According to the Associated Press, it may even be the largest divorce settlement ever -- depending on how any appeals are decided.

While this divorce occurred overseas and on a much broader scale than the average divorce in Sugar Land, there are some similarities and notes to take from the situation.

Texas students targeted domestic violence throughout April

Domestic violence is an issue that affects more individuals and families across the nation than one may think. Although it is a phrase that is used to describe a number of extreme cases that draw media attention, it is important to remember that any domestic violence situation is one that needs to be taken seriously.

April was Domestic and Dating Abuse Awareness and Prevention month in Texas, and the Wesleyan Student Life group wanted to educate their peers who are exploring relationships and on the verge of starting their own families. The group sponsored a campaign called “No More,” which brought a number of informative events to the campus throughout the month.